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Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Productivity.
Save Your Ideas, Videos, Journeys, Meetings, and Everything in Between.
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Easy ⚡️ for everyone

Extremely intuitive, just press record and the app will create a title, summarize, optimize the text and save everything in the cloud.

Fast and intuitive

You can record an audio, type a text or simply paste a link video from tiktok and instagram.

Powered by OpenAI

We use OpenAI to improve our app, creating automatically a lot of content to you, increasing your productivity.

Never lose any idea

We save your notes and offer fast search and the ability to combine your ideas with AI.

Tasks in 1 click

With the power of AI, you can effortlessly transform a simple note into a comprehensive task list.

Integrated tasks

Our integrated system combines note-taking and task management in a single app.

Subtasks & Lists

Our app features automatic lists, such as "Today" and allows you to create as many lists as you prefer.

Easy search notes

You can search for everything, including titles, text, summaries, tags, and context(soon).

Ideas combination

Select notes, and our artificial intelligence will create a new note by merging and expanding your thoughts.

I.A.N - Your Assistant

Our assistant understands natural language queries like 'Show all notes I recorded before sunrise. (Soon)

Turn chaotic thoughts into clear texts in seconds

Record audio, and our artificial intelligence will swiftly generate an icon, title, summary, optimize the text, and categorize it with tags. You can then make further edits.

  • Unlimited Audio Recording (up to 15 minutes)
  • Create unlimited notes
  • Generate notes from tiktok or instagram videos 
  • Copy and past lengthy texts to optimize on SecBrain

Magic Methods - The true power of AI in one click

With a single click, you can effortlessly generate 2 or 3 additional paragraphs, create a to-do list from your audio recording, or seamlessly convert your note into an email or video script. Our AI technology simplifies these tasks with just a tap.

  • Enrich text with AI
  • Rewrite text to video script, email, etc
  • Automatically tasks generation
  • A New Perspective Feature for Texts and Ideas (Soon)

Supercharge Productivity

Elevate your productivity in seconds with SecBrain.

Preserve Your Ideas Forever

Bid farewell to forgotten million-dollar ideas. SecBrain offers you a supercharged artificial brain

Text, Audio, or Video

Transform anything into a note: from audio recordings and TikTok videos to plain text. Everything has a purpose with SecBrain.

Feedback ⭐️

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Our app combines the power of voice recording and simple AI technology to make your life easier. With just a tap, you can effortlessly capture your thoughts, meetings, or important ideas using your voice.
  • IOS and Android
  • New update every week
  • Mac and Web (Soon)
  • English and Portuguese